Samsung UN55HU8550 Review: 4K UHD 3D Smart LED TV

by admin on March 23, 2014

Samsung UN55HU8550 is the55 inch 4K Ultra LED HDTV that released in 2014. It comes with many advanced features that offer you new experience in enjoying the highest detail picture in your own home. So if you are searching 55 inch Ultra HDTV 2014 models, it may be able to meet your wish. What feature that offered by this 55 Inch Samsung UHD TV? To know a lot about the features that offered, please check out the Samsung UN55HU8550 Review below, who knows it is in accordance with your criteria in searching 2014 models of 55 Inch UHD TV. You need to know, maybe its price is not cheap, but to help you to get it with the best price, previously I have decided to do some researching to find the trustworthy merchant that sells, this UHD TV with a lower price than the others.

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Samsung UN55HU8550 Review: 2014 55 Samsung 55 Inch UHD TV Line up with UHD Micro Dimming, Precision Black Local Dimming and Clear Motion Rate 1200

Samsung UN55HU8550 Review

One of the mainstay features of Samsung UN55H8550 is on its screen resolution. With 4K (3840 x 2160) screen resolution, it allows you to watch TV with high detail and more lifelike images. To produce high quality images, UN55H8550 is supported by UHD Micro dimming technology and Precision Black Local Dimming.  With these technologies, the picture that produced by Samsung HU8550 series has an amazing contrast with deepest black levels and brightest white peak.

Additionally, to produce amazing fast moving images, Samsung UN55HU8550 used native 120 Hz refresh rate technology and Clear Motion Rate of 1200. And the resulting, you can enjoy fast action movies, Sports, or even play games with no blur.

Probably at this time, there is not much 4K content available, but you don’t need to worry because Samsung has anticipated this issue by including a Quadmatic Picture engine in UN55HU8550 that upscale the SD, HD or Full HD content to 4K, so you can still enjoy 4K content on the screen of the Samsung UN55HU8550 from non 4K video source.

That is not less interesting is its Smart TV features. With the supported by Quad Core Processor, It allows you to run a lot of apps that provided faster. Not only that, it also features Quad Screen that allows you watch movies, video clips, surf on the internet, and socialize with your family or friend at once in the same screen. And there are still many advanced features that offered by Samsung UN55H8550.

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Samsung UN55HU8550 Review by end users

What the people who have purchased this 2014 series of Samsung 55 Inch UHD TV talk about its performance? You need to know, when I write this review, there are not yet people who have written about Samsung UN55HU8550 Review at some merchants that sell this UHD TV. That is caused it is recently released. But if you are interested with this UHD TV and want to buy it, you don’t need to worry about its performance because we all have known, in recent years, Samsung has dominated the LED TV markets in the world and the performance of their LED TV is undoubtedly. So if you are searching 2014 series of 55 Inch UHD TV for your room, it is one of the best options for you.

However, as time goes by, of course, there are people who will write a review about it at some merchants that sell UN55HU8550. So as your further consideration before you decided to buy it, please click here to read Samsung UN55HU8550 Review by the people who have purchased and used this 2014 Samsung 55 Inch UHD TV lineup.

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